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LIVE THE LIFE OF A WILD WOLF! You are a two-year old gray wolf born in the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park. You learned the ways of the wolf. WolfQuest Watch the Video. Get the New Game! A.M. Elk Hunt. Crossing Snow. Den. Dawn in Lamar Valley. Pup Interaction. New and Improved Version!. WolfQuest is a wildlife simulation game about wolf ecology. Playing as a two-year -old gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park, you'll learn how to live on your.

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About Valve Business Solutions Steamworks Jobs. Within hours of release, it reached the top of the "Popular New Releases" chart list. Regardless, some players still say that other players are their mates. Ultimately, your success will depend on your ability to ensure the survival of your pack. For more information, please visit: The free game features Amethyst Mountain, the first level of the game where you can explore Yellowstone's wilderness, hunt elk, communicate with other wolves, and find a mate. wolfs quest

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Animations In-App Purchases Easter Eggs Cheats Bugs and Glitches Versions. Jouez Wolf un ami commencez la famille et les chiens race, chassez survivez dans. COMPRIS DANS LE JEU GRATUIT: We want to know who is playing WolfQuest. Please note that lexicon chat has been disabled in multiplayer games in WQ 2. On the 28 th of December , Dave confirmed that in-app purchases would be available within the tablet version [3].


Wolf Quest 🐺 Establishing Dominance! - Episode #2


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